Eagle, hummingbird, Canadian Geese, song sparrow…birds come in every size, shape and color….and are designed for something we can only marvel over….and seek in our own limited ways to simulate….FLIGHT!  Not only do they fly, but they dive, they swoop; some, like the Loon, can swim under water after fish.  I’ve seen an Osprey dive from her perch high in a tree to steal a fish swimming near the small boat where a fisherman sat in hopeful anticipation of catching his dinner.

Many birds migrate thousands of miles – birds of great size like the Sandhill Cranes who visit New Mexico, or the tiny hummingbird weighing in at only a few ounces.  How does such a tiny bird, endure a 2,000 mile journey?  How does a Snow Goose cross a great ocean with little food or rest along the way?

I love birds, and I’m a bit envious of them.  Sometimes, I wish I could take flight, and just fly away on a moment’s somewhere new, exotic.  Fly somewhere and be free of earthly cares, responsibilities, financial concerns, fear of what may lie over the next horizon.  Perhaps we humans are kept largely earthbound with good reason.  Birds have much to teach us about learning to “fly right” in our own lives.

Which bird will be my teacher for flight?  Hummingbird who can fly in four directions (including backwards!), is fearless in the face of large, predatory birds, and who feeds frequently on the sweetest, nectar producing flowers in the garden?  The great eagle or vulture riding the thermals to great heights, or the migrating Canadian Geese riding the Gulf Stream currents.  Each of them offers me lessons for my own life, especially at times I find myself flapping my wings, honking noisily and going nowhere.

Acrobatic Hummingbird

Hummingbird – teach me to move with fearlessness and grace, and to seek out the nectar of life.  To be attracted only to what truly nourishes and sustains me.  Remind me I have everything I need for this great journey of life.  Let me live in JOY and BEAUTY!

Eagle in Flight
Great Eagle

Great Eagle – let me find those currents of life that can help carry me forward with ease and grace; those hidden resources that rise to sustain me for the long haul.

Barred Owl

Owl – Teach me discernment; show me how to pierce through the veil of darkness or clouded vision to see the truth; show me how to focus my intention, with precision, to achieve my life’s intention and purpose.

Baby Raven
Baby Raven

Baby Raven – Teach me humility as I learn to fly;  that it’s okay to crash land once in a while;  Like you, I’m surrounded by elders who are cheering me on as I dust off my feathers, preen my wounded pride and find a new foothold on a more solid branch.

I may be earthbound, but my heart has wings.