Hello to my family, friends, and associates.

I’m sharing a few photos from my recent event for my young adult spiritual fantasy novel, Cassandra and the Crystal Cave….at the Untitled Gallery in Taos, NM. The amazing priestess and animal mixed media – life-size paintings are by Kimberly Webber…

I presented the event as a “ceremony” – opening sacred space, drumming/singing, reading/ dialogue with attendees, and native flute…They loved it..and gave me confidence…about how to continue to offer this as not just your regular “author” event! Next, we will be at the public library…I think I want to come in character as Cassandra’s primary mentor/storyteller = Grandmother Shining Stars!

The book is earning recognition by not only launching as a best seller launch in 4 categories and five-star reviews from “reviewers” but has received five book awards since June! ( A big thank you to my book outreach mentor, Denise Cassino!)

I hope you are well and navigating this double eclipse season with ease…


Deborah Shining Star drumming at a Book Event for her book titled Cassandra and the Crystal Cave
Deborah Shining Star signing books at her Cassandra and the Crystal Cave Event in New Mexico