Ceremony is at the Heart of Shamanic Practice

Your Healing Presence

Is Greatly Needed!

When a shamanic practitioner creates ceremony, she or he calls on the creative and unifying forces of the Universe.  She summons the spirit helpers from the invisible realms to be of assistance for the good of an individual, a community and/or the Earth.  Groups coming together magnify the intent, power, and effectiveness of ceremony.

Ceremonies not only support personal healing, but are a natural way to extend the benefits of shamanic healing to your family, community, workplaces, and beyond.  Ceremonies are often offered in gratitude and reciprocity for the life-giving sustenance of the Earth and cosmos; and they honor and connect us to the great earthly and celestial realms and cycles (such as or new and full moons or solstices and equinoxes). Ceremonies help us mark milestones, life celebrations, and passages.  We practice many rituals in our society today, but few of them hold real power because we have forgotten how to call upon the unconditional love of Mother Earth and the benevolent forces of the universe.

Ceremonies are central to all shamanic traditions and are called upon in countless ways to help maintain or restore balance and harmony. They may be conducted to bless, to heal, to balance or “turn over” negative energies directed our way.  Ceremonies are used to support rites of passage and life transitions such as births, coming of age, major life events; to help bring intentions to fruition or to release the old and plant seeds for the new.  In times of great trauma or loss, they are used to help call back aspects of the soul that may have departed; and they are often used to support a loved one on their journey back to Spirit.

As a shamanic practitioner and ceremonialist, I am honored to offer a variety of ceremonies that can be adapted to your particular needs and circumstances.

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Wesak Moon Altar

Wesak Moon Ceremonial Altar

Ceremonies often align with earthly and celestial cycles.

Ceremonies of Power

Fire Ceremonies

  • For releasing and manifesting

Equinox and Solstice Ceremonies

New and Full Moon Ceremonies

Peruvian Despacho Ceremonies

  • Ayni Despacho for Balance and Flow
  • Kuti Despacho for Releasing Heavy Energies
  • Spirit Despacho to support the Soul’s Journey

Personalized Ceremonies

  • For times of Major Life Events and Transitions

The power of ceremony rests in our ability to invoke the assistance of timeless spiritual allies; trusting they will come, offering their unconditional loving service on our behalf.” 

Deborah Shining Star

Ceremonies help transform and empower your life!


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A ceremony can be as simple as lighting a candle and speaking a heartfelt prayer.

Winter Solstice Ceremonial Altar

Winter Solstice Ceremonial Altar for a Zoom gathering.

Deborah Shining Star drumming