Personal Quests of Communion with Nature and Creation

 By Oscar Miro-Quesada

This Highly Acclaimed New Book Helps Us Find Our Way Back to Our Deep Connections with the Earth, the Cosmos, our Souls, and Each Other

Shamanism is a spiritual worldview and way of living as old as humanity itself. For thousands of years, diverse shamanic traditions were practiced around the world. They shared universal reverence for the Earth and an understanding of our multi-dimensional interconnection with it and the cosmos. Shamans also universally shared the ability to work with helping spirits for power, guidance, and protection; and held a central role of maintaining and/or restoring balance within the individual and the community for the mutual benefit of all beings; roles they continue to fulfill today.

In his ground-breaking book, Oscar Miro-Quesada reminds us how shamanism is intimately woven into other wisdom traditions, including Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, cross-cultural shamanism, mythology, and western psychology. And if we explore early texts from other world religions, we find many transcendent and miraculous events that fall within the realm of shamanic experience. More importantly, don Oscar reminds us how we can reclaim our shamanic heritage as a tradition of healing, personal power, and wisdom that sees all life as interconnected and sacred. And for those who feel an affinity for the shamanic path, don Oscar offers us some shamanic tools for our journey of remembering and reclaiming our sacred connection with All That IS.

The surge in interest in shamanism in recent years could, in part, be explained by the fact that our modern world offers many catalysts for healing – as all shamanic initiation involves some form of life crisis or “death” or “rebirth” experience, such as PTSD from war or child abuse; family or environmental chaos; life-threatening illness; near-death experience; or intentional “ego death” with the use of sacramental plant medicine. Sometimes we are called to the shamanic path unconscious of the wounds we are being guided to heal. Yet each act of healing helps to restore our soul and our relationship with the Earth and each other.

Along with don Oscar’s wisdom teachings, he offers specific Earth-honoring and spiritual development practices we can begin TODAY – to raise our vibration and help heal our connection to nature, spirit, our soul, and each other.

I am honored to be one of thirty diverse storytellers offering a personal mystical experience; many shared experiences are spontaneous without years of shamanic training. Each one helps pull back the curtain on the illusion of separation, illuminating a world and cosmos that is alive with spirit and consciousness – just waiting for us to show up and listen and witness with an open heart.

You can order your copies of SHAMANISM – Personal Quests of Communion with Nature and Creation here on my website below. I would welcome your comments, and don Oscar appreciates reviews posted on Amazon, so more readers find their way to his wisdom teachings.

Let us help each other re-weave the web of life with Love and Gratitude…..

Blessed Be.

Deborah Shining Star

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