In just three days, my life has shifted from the “doldrums” to paddling the rapids!  All that inner spiritual healing, guided and often initiated by my team of power animals and spirit guides;  all that inner energetic clearing, all those prayers, ceremonies, and waiting in the stillness and solitude of my being….and then….CLICK! ….suddenly, I’m paddling in the rapids of a significant life change!

My job ends abruptly, though not unexpectedly.  That same day I order the proof copy of my first published book;  I see an on-line posting for free housing and a stipend in exchange for horse care…horses have been an important part of my life, but not so recently.  I’ve been researching “tiny” and “small” homes; and here is an opportunity to shrink my living space once again (to 700 square feet) to accommodate a “larger life”.

A family member calls, without knowing my “day job” just ended, to offer a free airline ticket and rental car so I can attend a summer family reunion and 90th birthday celebration in New England in June.   Two job postings for a work at home position with a publisher arrive in an e-mail.  My shift in outlook aligns me with new possibilities….instead of panicking about “how I’ll pay the rent”, I ask, “How can I reduce my living expenses?”…and find the “free guest house” listing posted just two days prior.  After a rigorous “interview” process, I’m offered the post!       I have four weeks to downsize and move to the more remote and jaw dropping landscape of Galisteo, New Mexico, twenty five miles from Santa Fe.  Oh, yes, this will be a major life ways change…fifty miles round trip to do a load of laundry and buy groceries…but the vistas are worth every mile!

Did I mention I’m also in the midst of creating my author/healer web-site presence and re-birthing my shamanic healing practice, and my book is soon to be uploaded to for purchase?!  I determine that I will commit to focusing all my work efforts on developing my at-home and self-directed career as a shamanic arts practitioner, author, artist (and virtual Personal Admin. Assistant if needed…which Spirit is saying…it won’t be!)

I affirm I will create my own career and livelihood direction based on my values and interests, in a way that nourishes and enlivens me.  My former path has finally run its course.  It has served me well, and allowed me to serve others.  But something deep within has been calling and leading me for a very long time.  My heart longs for opportunities for authentic expression; my soul, for extending the healing light of Love, without limitation.  I’ve traveled this path as healer, creative before, but always I’ve had to return to a “regular” job to pay my way.  This time it’s different.  I feel it in my bones.  My spirit helpers are cheering my on reminding me to celebrate this milestone in my spiritual and personal journey.  There will be no turning back this time.  These currents run fast and deep, and carry me forward with urgency.

I have rafted class five rapids of the Penobscot River in Maine.    I’ve kayaked rivers, ponds and backwaters in Maine, Colorado and North Carolina.   Always after navigating the thrill of the rapids…I’ve heard myself exclaim, “That was so much fun!  Let’s do it again!” So may I, and may we all, enjoy the thrill of the changing currents and flow of the waters of life.  May we learn to paddle hard when needed, steer clear of boulders, and let the water carry us safely to the farthest shores of our soul’s longings.  And so it is.  Blessed Be.

Deborah Shining Star

Shamanic Arts Practitioner and Author of Activate Your Soul, Manifest Your Dreams!