Activate Your Soul, Manifest Your Dreams!

A Shamanic Healing Journey of Transmuting Trauma Into a Path of Power and Purpose



About the Book

Activate Your Soul, Manifest Your Dreams is a book of deep grit and emotional honesty. It’s a testimonial filled with pearls of inspiration, healing, wisdom, and grace. It sheds Light on some of the darkest corners of the human soul’s experience.

Through the author’s candid account, we bear witness to what it can be like to suffer from and heal the impact of chronic childhood abuse and trauma. Deborah shares some of her most powerful healing experiences, including those which arose from past lives during her shamanic training.

Deborah’s young father abandoned his teenage wife and daughter when she was two years old. Deborah was an unwanted child, subjected to chronic abuse and neglect by her mother. They lived in poverty, sometimes couch surfing to have a roof over their heads. An only child, Deborah endured frequent lonely and terrifying circumstances, including the unwelcome advances of her mother’s unsavory boyfriends.

Following a series of miraculous synchronicities, Deborah’s mother gave her seven-year-old daughter up for legal adoption to a wealthy couple old enough to be Deborah’s grandparents.

For a time, Deborah thrived in her new environment, exploring the great outdoors, visiting the farm animals, learning to ride the two naughty ponies, reading books and creating art, swimming lessons, and making new friends. The all too brief first summer was punctuated in September by two parties on Deborah’s eighth birthday.

But Deborah’s fairytale life was short-lived. The dark moods of her adoptive stepmother, who had suffered from mental health disorders for decades, would soon permeate every aspect of their lives. Ten years after her adoption, Deborah’s world came crashing down around her.

When Deborah learned her step-parents wanted nothing more to do with their “ungrateful daughter,” she had no choice but to drop out of college, find a full-time job, a cheap apartment, and begin a new life on her own. For the next decade, Deborah tried to lead a “normal”  life, but her emotional pain and suffering never left her alone for long. Eventually, Deborah found the support she needed to move forward on a new path in life.

The author invites the reader to explore a deeper understanding of the question, “What is healing?  Through the lens of Deborah’s journey, we witness the power of engaging the mind, body, spirit, and soul to foster transformational outcomes. The author incorporates reflective insights, channeled messages from her spirit guides, and a shamanic healing resource list at the back of the book.

Deborah’s courage and commitment to her healing path have transformed her suffering into the strong medicine she carries today as a shamanic healing arts practitioner,  artist, writer, published author, and visionary leader.

Activate Your Soul - Book Cover
Deborah  Shining Star

Deborah exploring Sante Fe, NM

Highly recommend reading!

“Touching, insightful and could not put it down!! Your story and voice opens the heart, touches the soul; affirming healing benefits for individuals and generations past and future. Highly recommend reading! Deborah’s journey highlights positive healing supported through shamanic and energy traditions, with clarity, gentleness and grace.”

Rev. S. LeBorgne

Shamanic Practitioner, Falmouth, Maine

“Debra Lightheart’s healing journey is the quintessential soul pilgrimage.  Sharing her personal voyage through the dark pathways and rising light of her life is a true gift of spirit.  Her account awakens our soul’s yearnings and motivates us to explore our dark times as we navigate our own soul’s journey.  Her courage provides inspiration and support to keep trekking through the most difficult passages of our lives, to experience the place of lightness and enlightenment that she has reached. Debra’s story is spellbinding.  You won’t be able to put the book down!”

Françoise Paradis, Ed.D.

Hidden Springs Psychological Services, Saco, Maine

“Walk with Debra LightHeart through her powerful healing journey, which offers inspiration for us all, to find our way home to the Love that is our birthright.”

JoAnne Dodgson, Ed.D.

Shamanic Healer, Ceremonialist; Author of UnLeashing Love, and Spirit of Chocolate – A Woman’s Journey to the Rainforest in Search of Her Dreams, Dixon, New Mexico

 “This is a book of hope!  Debra showed me, the reader, that though one has encountered traumatic life experiences, there are tools to work with and spiritual helpers to seek out who can be of great assistance in healing ourselves. I’m left wanting more!  Let me sit by your fire in ceremony, let me hear your chants! Let me read more about your experiences of healing the shamanic way!

Nancy Clark

Art for Peace, Turner, Maine